Sell memberships everywhere: on your web site, at the cash registers and roaming sales on any iPhone or iPad

Reward members automatically with promotions, members-only events and hours, special pricing and more.

Eliminate long ticket lines with ad hoc pop-up membership sales whenever and wherever you need them. 

Integrated Membership Management Solutions

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Recognize, recruit, reward and retain members everywhere!

Promote membership sales online by displaying how much members save on the same purchase! Apply member discounts immediately to everything in the shopping cart when a visitor buys a membership at the same time. 

Increase convenience and slash printing and mailing costs with mobile membership cards and print-at-home options

Used & Trusted Nationwide

Clients across the country rely on Doubleknot’s integrated solutions for ticketing, admissions, memberships, registrations, reservations and online donations. 

We definitely recommend Doubleknot’s solution to other museums.

Duke Energy Children’s Museum

Our membership information is more accurate now, and more people are renewing, because their expiration information and the renewal process is right there online.

I think Doubleknot is a great platform. I love that it works for both small and large organizations. As we grow, our solution will grow with us.

Zoo programs are unique, and we wanted a vendor who already understood them. Doubleknot had the features we wanted as well as experience working with zoos.

Chippewa Nature Center

Oregon Zoo

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Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse

Doubleknot streamlines operations and empowers staff to ensure a positive, seamless experience for every visitor, donor and member.

How Doubleknot Works 

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Integrated features with complete flexibility to create unique experiences for your visitors, donors and members.

Donations &

Seamless, secure registration and payment for any kind of event or program with mobile app to manage walkups, update registrations and collect payments 


Point of Sale/
Mobile POS

Eliminate double bookings and missed opportunities with a 24/7 availability calendar for tours, group visits, parties and other rentals

Reservations & 


Why Choose Doubleknot?

Issue and validate any ticket anywhere, update records and collect any payment due. Eliminate long lines with pop-up ticket  sales on our mobile app.

Support sales, donations and check-in anywhere with a complete front-desk/front-gate POS and a built-in mobile POS

Ticketing & 


Recruit, reward and retain members with meaningful incentives like discounts, priority registration and more

Membership Management

Request donations at every touchpoint and use custom database queries to identify ideal recipients for every campaign

Email Marketing & Communications

Increase revenues, promote attendance and reward members and constituents. with near-unlimited flexibility to create discounts and other incentives throughout the system.

All data from registrations, memberships, donations, reservations, ticketing and sales is fully integrated to provide a 360-degree view of your constituents and operations.

Built-in features  that draw on data throughout Doubleknot include:

Reduce paper waste with full support for e-tickets, electronic receipts, mobile membership cards and more.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

Organization-Wide Discounts & Promotions

A Single Integrated Database for All Transactions

Custom Forms & Conditional Logic

Collect all the information you need for every kind of registrant and every kind of registration, reservation and membership.

Environmentally Friendly Paper-free Options

Increase purchases with wide variety of upsell options and promotions, and drive donations with a targeted request at every checkout, roaming donation collection and more. 

Fundraising & Upsell Everywhere

Completely customizable reports can draw on data from registrations, memberships, donations, reservations, ticketing and sales to provide a 360-degree view of your constituents and operations.

Create, schedule and send any kind of email including announcements, newsletters, reminders, appeals and more. Query the database to identify specific groups and send targeted messages.

Increase memberships and simplify administration. 

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